Terms of Service (TOS) & Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Technical Support
All our services are unmanaged by default. This means that we maintain the healthy condition of our servers and network, however we do not provide software support for customer’s servers. i.e. we do not assist with installing and configuring applications, troubleshooting, etc. For customers who require management services, please feel free to contact our sales department at sales@welcomehosting.com for a quote.

Our storage technology in place for our hardware nodes are fully redundant and protected by “RAID10,” which means that a failure of any component will not compromise data integrity. Please note however that we always encourage our customers to have their own backup solution in place for best practices.

Fair Share Policy – VPS service
The following applies to our VPS services. With a VPS environment, you are sharing a “host node” with other neighbors and as such it is mandatory that you are respectful of the available resources and utilize your services in a way that does not degrade performance for others.

We allow to max out CPU for short periods of time. However, please make sure that 1-hour average CPU load should not exceed 20%. In the rare case that your use case calls for continued extensive CPU utilization, we would highly recommend contacting our sales department for a quote on a Dedicated Server – we would be happy to give you a good price on a dedicated server whereby you can utilize all your resources 24x7x365 without any limitations or neighbors to be concerned about. Our sales department can be reached at sales@welcomehosting.com.

Acceptable Use Policy

We do not tolerate the following activities on our servers:

Spamming (including email spam, form spamming, etc.)
Traffic Exchange activity (i.e. hitleap)
Sending DoS or other attacks (either outgoing or incoming)
Distribution of malware
Port scanning
Cryptocurrency mining or any other form of CPU mining (i.e. folding@home)
Trademarked or copyrighted content
Running Torrents Clients
Nested virtualization
Tor relays and exit nodes
Adult content

We have systems in place that automatically detect such abuse. If a service is breaching these terms, our system will suspend the server. Repeat offences may incur $10 admin fee per incident.

As a business, we have the right to choose whom we wish to do business with. As such, we reserve the ability to terminate a customer without providing a reason. If this is ever the case, then we will provide a refund for the unused service.

Cancellations and Refunds
Customer may cancel services at any time in the billing control panel. We do not enforce any contracts with our services.

We provide a three-day (3 day) money back guarantee. Customer may request a full refund of all payments made to their account provided all of the following conditions are met:

1. Account is in good standing and there have been no violations of our TOS or AUP
2. No payments ever made to WelcomeHosting have been disputed or charged back (i.e. payments cannot be fraudulent)
3. Client is utilizing a special promotional item where provisioning costs exceed cost of service, in this case WelcomeHosting is unable to guarantee a refund
4. Monthly data transfer quota has been less than 50% utilized in the current month period.

Refunds are strictly issued to the original form of payment.

Legal statements
We make no warranties or guarantees of any kind, whether expressed or implied for the service we provide. In no event we will be responsible for any direct, indirect, or any other damages or losses associated with the use of our services, including damages or losses resulting from service interruptions, data loss, or negligence.

By utilizing our services, Customer certifies that he or she is at least 18 years of age, or that their parent or legal guardian will act as the “customer” in terms of this contract.

These Terms of Service may be changed at any time with or without notice.

If you have any questions regarding our policy, our management can be contacted via e-mail at: support@welcomehosting.com